IonBottles™ Gift Card
IonBottles™ Gift Card

IonBottles™ Gift Card (No Expiration)

Protect your bottle for a lifetime with our lifetime protection plan. It doesn't matter if your bottle leaks, stops working, or the battery doesn't hold a charge.

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IonBottles™ Gift Card
IonBottles™ Gift Card

IonBottles™ Gift Card (No Expiration)

Make hydrogen-rich, healthier water anywhere you are with your very own rechargeable, reusable, smart hydrogen generator water bottle.

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Give The Gift of Hydrogen

Purchase one of our gift card and you'll always be remembered for being that person who cares about others health. The other thing to note about our our gift cards is they never expire! Let's see a big box store beat that?

Increased Energy

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Improve Cognitive Function

Increase Antioxidants

How does it work?

With the press of the button, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen gas through an electrolysis process.

This hydrogen gas infuses the water creating antioxidant (energy-giving) water with maximum bioavailability.

Using advanced Solid Polymer Electrolytic (SPE) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology, the infusion of pure H2 delivers high-concentration hydrogen.

H2 is also called molecular hydrogen. It consists of two protons and two electrons. Consequently, it is the most common form of Hydrogen because it is stable with a neutral charge.

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Increased Energy

Make hydrogen water your new go-to beverage instead of coffee! In addition to promoting natural energy production (ATP), it helps protect cells from oxidative stress, which lowers energy levels.

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Increase Antioxidants

3 Bottles of Hydrogen Ionized Water provide the same antioxidants equivalent to hundreds of fruits and vegetables.

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Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Hydrogen-infused water improves lipid and glucose content reduces body inflammation that further reduces oxidative stress and anxiety and further works as a shield to the peripheral nervous system.


Verified Buyers

Angel O.

I was referred by a friend to ionbottles ionizing water bottle. I couldn't have made a better decision and investment into my health for 2021.

Charlie D.

I'm finding myself drinking more water than I have ever in my life. Since March 10th when I started drinking my bottle 5x a day, I have recommended it to my neighbors and my best friend!

Jenny S.

I was introduced to ionBottles from a friend at work. She brought her bottle in and the whole clinic was asking about it. I ordered one and have been using it now every day since February 20th, its been a major positive change for me and my pain from arthritis in my knees.


Answers to your Questions

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Lifetime Protection

We offer lifetime protection plans. If your bottle has any issues whatsoever. All you have to do is contact us and we will send you a replacement.

Guaranteed To Ship

Orders are processed daily and usually shipped out within 48 hours. We guarantee that your order will ship and be delivered or your money back.

USA Company

Located in Corvallis, Oregon. We are here to help if you should have any questions. Our goal is to make sure you're 100% satisfied.

Giving Back

One of the ways we give back is by providing underprivileged families who often cannot afford luxury health products like ours at cost.