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Excellent Product!

Love the water! Feel great, super easy to use, cute containers!

Love my new bottle!

I absolutely love my new ion bottle! It’s a great way to start your day with increased energy and to drink after a workout to help with recovery. I love that it’s portable so we can take it in the woods when we are hiking and keep us hydrated everywhere we go. It’s made of durable glass and titanium so it’s definitely sturdy and made well. It’s also a USA company which is awesome! I can’t wait to see some long term benefits with daily use!

Easy to encourage water intake

Needed to drink more water and this does the trick. Water tastes good but our water is RO (reverse osmosis) anyway. Been using for 1 week now so not sure of the benefits from hydrogen yet. I wish there was a 20 ounce size bottle. You have to fill it up a lot but at least I can count my fills.

Very pleasantly surprised

I decided to try this after reading a study on the benefits of hydrogen water. I was curious about the claim that it reduced inflammation. I've had a partial fusion of my wrist and i've always had knee pain which has gotten worse over the years. And all the money i've spent thru the years on knee sleeves and wrist braces and ibuprofen, i wanted to give this a try.

And i have to say i'm happy i did. Completely honest review, within just a couple days of using this twice a day there was a very noticeable difference. With winter starting, usually i'm reliant on my knee sleeves and wrist brace this time of year from arthritis pain. Since i started using this I haven't worn the knee sleeves once and the wrist brace only occasionally. I cant say the knee pain is gone completely, but its reduced enough that its manageable and the wrist pain is noticeably reduced.

I'm so happy with the results i have offered to buy one for a hand full of my friends and family for Christmas so they can try it. Yes, there is a taste to the water after you run the bottle but i personally don't find it offensive or overpowering.

The jug part of this is glass, I don't know if it has to be. Id prefer it to be plastic because the glass is kinda fragile, as evidenced by the first one i got the glass was chipped at one end and the seller promptly replaced it. But it does make me hesitant to take it with me anywhere.

But all in all, 5 stars, im very happy.

Cheers! I love my bottle.

Love this water bottle! It comes with easy to follow instructions, charging cord and tubes for inhalation which I had no idea was a feature when I bought it! The water tastes great, is super easy and fun to watch in action. So excited to experience the health benefits!

Charging cable

I misplaced my cable necessary for charging my ion bottle, that I absolutely adore. I ordered a replacement, and it came in a week. Meanwhile, I found my original cable. Chose to keep both, with the newbie for a backup. Love your product!

Thanks Pat, we appreciate you as well.

Pro Hydrogen Water Bottle
Douglas Luciano

Pro Hydrogen Water Bottle

Lifetime Protection Plan
Amanda Swanborough
We received a replacement

I’m happy with the integrity of this company. My whole family prefers the water. We notice a difference. Thank you!

Leaked on first use

Was put together tightly but as soon as I ran it first time it leaked all over the counter. I followed the instructions and didn't see any explanation for the leaking. Tried using tap water and doesn't do anything to purify the water, or help the taste, so you still have to buy bottled water to put in the bottle. Might as well just buy ionized water bottles and skip this expensive waste of money.

Good product

I wanted ionic water but the big machines are expensive and only at home. This product I can take with me. Works like a champ.

Gray Bottle Sleeve
Max Hutchinson
Bottle Sleeve is good but could use a charger cutaway.

I keep the bottle in the sleeve at all times to protect it from the possibility of a cat knocking it off the kitchen counter, so I wish it had a small hole to accommodate the charging port. It'd be easier than having to remove it every time in need to charge it.

Ion water bottle

This ion water bottle transforms water into living water I can’t go without I love this bottle I won’t drink water if it’s not in this bottle give it a try you won’t regret it

Fresh taste!

Haven't used it long enough to notice any benefits but the water it makes tastes better than any other water.

Super Unit ionBottle is

Greetings From Large Island of Hawaii 🐚🍍🍌
Wanted to say have been using ionBottle for about 6 months everyday many times each day😊
This Spectacular unit apart of my life now. Have tested Unit personally with a High Quality TESTER which test water in 7 ways...One important way as my use is For lower MilliVolts m/v oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Water with a high negative ORP is of particular value in its ability to neutralize oxygen free radicals. ORP can also be directly tested using an ORP sensor and meter. We have conducted these experiments as well. We found that water coming directly from the tap had an ORP of +290mV, while the water coming out of the water alkalinizer had a negative ORP. The more negative the ORP of a substance (that is, the higher its negative ORP), the more likely it is to engage in chemical reactions that donate electrons. These electrons are immediately available to engage in reactions that neutralize positively charged free radicals....ORP (Oxidative Reduction Potential) reduction in Negative milliVolts is Extremely important...and should be to all... Your Interstitial Fluids from Your Interstitium Organ These Fluids Need to be At Negative Levels as your body need this to Stay healthy. We personally use ionBottle to lower This level IN MilliVolts to around -200 negative minimally....Before I drink...

so here is What I do: The water in Hawaii is at 6.7 ph...called (Menehune Water) its from MAUNA VOLCANO 🌋 water flows through 13, 000 ft of lave rock and is Gathered and sold at HOME DEPOT here in Hawaii in 5 gallon containers for $7.85 usa. Then I pour 14 ounces in IonBottle and turn on for only 3 minutes...This lowers The MilliVolts to around minus 200 negative....I then pour the Water after 3 minutes into THERMOS...THEN I add Alkaline drops called ALKAZONE DROPS...purchased from Amazon...Three drops.
THIS RAISES THE Alkalinity to around 10 what I now have is - 200 milliVolts and 10 ph water and I drink....

I've been using IonBottle for many months and it's works perfectly 🥰 and I am extremely happy with this Unit...and meets my needs for perfect Water for My Interstitial Fluids my Interstitium Organ... The largest organ in my body and When The Millavolts are Low and Ph blood loves this...

Maholo for IonBottle company for Outstanding products and Will want another unit as I've purchased 3....2 for my loved ones...



Broke in 2 months, do not recommend

I do not think this did anything to help my hydration and I used it pretty steadily for 6 weeks before the bottle just stopped charging. Maybe a future model will be a bit more sturdy.

Nicely constructed and solid

But aside from that... the jury is out. We really can't tell that drinking hydrogenated water after at least 6 months has made any difference in our lives. The pitcher seems very well constructed, but I'm not sure about the fact that there is plastic in the working mechanism. We avoid plastic in our lives and here we are with plastic. Also, the water (which is originally Berkey filtered water) after time started to taste like mildew. We were given cleaning instructions and it's better, but still tastes a bit off. I'm very disappointed as I had high hopes that it would be the missing piece in our healing journey. Guess not. I wouldn't encourage the pitcher because the hydrogen is lost pretty quickly unless you pour it into a capped container. Not a good recommendation. Sorry.

Pro Hydrogen Water Bottle
Cheryl Liebaert
Love it

I love my bottle, I take it everywhere with me.

Hydrogen Water Pitcher
Jollean Matsen
Love my IonBottle Pitcher

I have been using the pitcher I purchased from IonBottles for hydronizing water now for well over a year and absolutely love the quality, convenience and ease with which I can enjoy the best water. Thank you so much for your conscious products for elevating health wherever we travel to. Jollean

Abolish coffee!

This will change the world. RIP coffee industry, good riddance! Thanks you IonBottles!!

Great service and love the bottle

This is the best hydrogen bottle I've had. Love the extra energy and health benefits.

Works great

The replacement usb charging cable works great.

One Year Later - One of my best decisioons 2021-22

I'm ALL about good water. I have a Berkey and a ZEN, Berkey for cooking and rinsing veggies, ZEN for drinking...last year I took a chance and purchased 2 of these for my son and I, smartest thing I did in a while, really upped my water game to an amazing level, took my H2O health to a much higher level. Hydrogen water is not just a's one of the most important things you will ever do for your health once you have your day to day water source sorted out. I'm a happy customer...I'll never drink normal water year later and my units are just cranking out the water, probably over 2000 batches each since we got these, it's a good product and if you care for it should give you a lot of good water...makes AMAZING gifts for anyone you love, they will tank you forever and think of you throughout every day. Cheers, happy 2023, make this part of your life!

Love my bottle

I purchased the Original Hydrogen Water Bottle and I love it.

Bought two bottles. They worked for one day each and then stopped.

High hopes… DASHED

I was really excited to be able to start using this bottle, however my excitement was quickly ended! It didn’t work at all! After trying to work the problem out, and nothing seemed to work, I got so frustrated that into the trash it went! I will NEVER ORDER ANOTHER ONE! Bad experience all around!

Lifetime Protection

We offer lifetime protection plans. If your bottle has any issues whatsoever. All you have to do is contact us and we will send you a replacement.

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USA Company

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Giving Back

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