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Years of research and development has been put in to understanding the benefits of molecular hydrogen water.

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How does Hydrogen Water Improve Your Health?

Watch the video below where we hear from Dr. Robert Gellibolian PhD on
how hydrogen molecular water is beneficial for our body.

Everyone Agrees. Water Is Vital.

The human body health and vitality!

You may know water is a key to health, however the quality of water required for this key component of optimal living is often assumed. Incorporating the discoveries of 40 years of ground-breaking water science and research from scientists around the world. Our focus is to highlight the importance of clean, energetic water and how vital it is to efficient detoxing and maintaining optimal function of body systems.

Without this filtered, hydrogen rich water, oxygen cannot reach cells and key systems such as your brain, muscles, bones and organs which begin to deteriorate.


A high, positive oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) level means that the water is oxidizing, and may lead to oxidative stress; most drinking waters have high, positive ORP levels. A low, negative ORP means that the water is anti-oxidizing, and may help with reducing free radicals.

Our bottles lower the ORP of water to more than -400 mV in only one cycle. Running two consecutive cycles results in even lower ORP levels!

ionBottles Lowers ORP Water Levles Up-to -400 mV
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