Hydrogen Water vs. Regular Drinking Water

Hydrogen water has been all over the news lately. People are flocking to their nearest supermarket and health food store to buy this amazing life-changing water that is supposed to be better than regular drinking water. The question on everyone's mind is "Is hydrogen-rich water really better than plain old H2O?" If you're not sure, read our blog post and find out why so many people believe it might be true!


Why are people flocking to Hydrogen Water?

The hydrogen water trend started due to the many health benefits that hydrogen gases offer the human body. Hydrogen has been proven effective in helping with inflammation, arthritis pain relief, digestive issues, immune system improvement, and more! There are many hydrogen-rich products out there now like single-use disposable hydrogen-infused water bottles at Costco, hydrogen salts for bathwater, or even an oxygen facial mask infused with hydrogen-rich water.

If hydrogen water can improve some people's health, then it might be totally worth all of the hype, right?


IonBottles hydrogen generating 14 oz bottle and 64 oz pitcher


Is Hydrogen Water better than regular drinking water?

The hydrogen that is infused into hydrogen-infused water will help hydrate your skin cells and tissues which reduces wrinkles on the skin as well as mouth lines around our lips. Hydrogen water is also known for the great antioxidant benefits that hydrogen-rich products offer.

However, some people think that regular drinking water already has hydrogen already in it "H20" shouldn't that be enough? While we highly encourage everyone to drink more water, it doesn't offer the same hydrogen levels that are high enough to provide the same benefits as hydrogen-generating products like the ionBottles 14-ounce hydrogen generating water bottle can provide.

So to answer the big question everyone has been wondering, is hydrogen water better than regular water? The short answer is, yes, hydrogen-infused water provides the human body with great health benefits, and people who drink it daily are saying how much they love it! Meanwhile plain old H20 also offers excellent hydration to keep your body healthy, never stop drinking water.


What can you do to get started with hydrogen water?

As you can see, there are many benefits to drinking hydrogen water. The only downside is that it’s a little more expensive than regular bottled water or tap water. But if you compare the price of pure spring water and distilled H2O side by side, it's clear which one offers better value for your dollar in terms of health! One thing we want you to know before ordering any product from our website is that all orders over $50 receive free shipping anywhere in the United States. We have been providing customers with high-quality products at affordable prices since 2019 so don't hesitate to take advantage of our low pricing today!


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