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Very Well Built Quality Product

Haven't been drinking the water for long enough to experience palpable differences, but you're not going to feel something if it's prevented from happening right? I have my wife, daughter, and myself drinking Hydro-water daily.

Great bottles

I love the bottles my wife and I, just they were made taller with more ounces. We drink alot of water.

Best investment in my health!

I’ve been drinking from my new ION bottle for a couple weeks now and when I started I had pneumonia for over 3 weeks. Had been on antibiotics, steroids, inhalers, breathing treatments on a machine!
I started drinking this water immediately. Like 100 ounces of water with electrolytes a day. Basically more than half my weight in water. I started to get better on ALL levels. Sleeping better, better digestion and ℹ intermittent fast for 12-16 hours a day. So what I put in matters to me. This is bringing your body to a whole new level. Yes, there will be muck to get through depending on how unhealthy you are. This water will get you there. Oh and I can’t leave out LMNT electrolytes! Both of these have been a game changer. Make the investment; drink more water 💦

Can tell a difference

I bought this one instead of a different brand. Nice packaging. Beautiful bottle. There is barely any gasp/psst sound when I open the bottle after a 10 minute cycle. Since I don't feel any different or haven't noticed any changes, it makes me wonder if I just wasted $150. I will update this post if it changes.

ion bottles hydrogenated water

Can’t live without it❣️

Best product of the year

I’m not new to alternative things and this is definitely alternative with a science behind it. I’m using my ion bottle daily and have noticed a change in my body chemistry. The effect is subtle but definitely notable. It feels like my body is healing and repairing itself from the inside out. I plan to purchase a case of these and distribute them to family and friends as healthful gifts.

Wonderful Tool

I purchased the ION bottle for my wife as she has started on a lifestyle change and I thoughtnthat this would help. We ALL use it! Our daughter and I drink a bottle at least once per day and my wife drinks multiple bottles. It's amazing how it removes impurities and improves thevtaste of tap water, and we can't wait to see the other health benefits.

So far, so good!

Great product

Pro Hydrogen Water Bottle
Michael Castillon Sr

Hopefully it all comes to frisson, looking forward to experiencing positive results.

Out preforms the pro

Yes, it outperforms the Pro. But does not support the cannula. Sad It seems there backwards.

Game changer

This is a game changer. I wanted a machine for the house but they are expensive. I use my ion all day. It’s rechargeable and so easy to use. 10/10

Too Expensive for the Sleeve

I feel like the sleeve for the ion bottle I purchased was overpriced. I've received similar "sleeves" for other bottles and cans for free. I guess I was expecting something more durable and classy than ones I've received in the past.

Hydrogen Water Pitcher
Mustapha Benameur
Excellent quality

We’re using it every single day and we love it

Customer service very good but still not sold 100% on this

My bottle came to me and leaked terribly when I filled it w/ water and pressed the “On” button. After several emails back and forth w/ Customer Service, it doesn’t leak. But when I tip it over to pour into a glass, it does leak a bit from the bottom. I do use it several times per day, but out of caution I still set it on paper towels or a dish cloth in case it leaks. It’s a great idea.

I got mine in the mail on the 18th

I ordered multiple of the IonBottles Pro with the BOGO 50% off deal. Excited to use them!

good source for O2 water!!

I little hard to use but once you get in the habit of replacing cap iy works great.

wetter water

have enjoyed it for years miss it when I don't have the energy and the smoothness

ION bottle review

So far, I am very happy with the bottle. Easy to use and no moving parts

A Boost

I feel a boost of energy every time I drink one.
The taste is very satisfying as well.

Original Hydrogen Water Bottle

Battery Life

The battery doesn’t seem to last very long. I purchased two bottles about a month ago and one dies quicker than the other. They are both used daily and the frequency of use is the same for both. It’s kind of annoying knowing that the lifespan of this battery is diminished, compared to the other. I think $80.00 for a water bottle should include a properly functioning battery.

Original Hydrogen Water Bottle

Very efficient

Very happy with it, it give a refreshing feeling every time I use it, great product

My ion bottle

I enjoy my ion bottle and I use it daily. The sleeve cover pulled out my power button though (the rubber cover piece over the on/off button). The seal came off my bottle, I still used it but now can’t get the bottle off the power bank. These bottles are good but the design/quality of the bottle could use some refinement and to be made more durable. I would suggest an insert that fits into power bank as a rubber seal that is removable. The glued rubber seals on glass don’t hold up well. I think the rubber power button cover should be internal on the power bank body instead of external making it susceptible to breakage. I like my bottle but I want longevity from my bottle also. Great product, just needs a few improvements for functionality and durability.