Atom Hydrogen Water Bottle
Atom Hydrogen Water Bottle
Atom Hydrogen Water Bottle
Atom Hydrogen Water Bottle
Atom Hydrogen Water Bottle
Atom Hydrogen Water Bottle
Atom Hydrogen Water Bottle
Atom Hydrogen Water Bottle

Powerful Antioxidants

Cognitive Improvement

Increase Natural Energy

Atom Hydrogen Water Bottle

Durable, High H2 Concentration



Features & Benefits

• Helps decrease inflammation

• Improves gut health

• Reduces oxidative stress -790 mV ORP

• Support healthy aging and cognitive function

• Built with Tritan® material and anodized metal

• 10 ounce capacity (295 ml)

• Generates up to 4000-5000+ PPB H2 in 10 minutes


Increased Antioxidants

Hydrogen-rich water has been shown to have antioxidant properties that can help protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Improved cognitive

The molecular hydrogen in IonBottles can help increase cellular hydration, improving the water balance in your cells, which can enhance cognitive function.  

More Energy

Hydrogen-rich water may help support mitochondrial function by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, leading to better energy production.

Selective antioxidant

Unlike other antioxidants, H2 doesn't react with other physiological reactive oxygen species (ROS) which are beneficial at physiological levels.


Improve cognitive function

The molecular hydrogen generated can help increase cellular hydration, improving the water balance in your cells, which can enhance cognitive function.  

Increased natural energy

Hydrogen-rich water may help support mitochondrial function by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, leading to better natural ATP energy production.

The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Hydration Routine

"These are not ordinary water bottles - they're a game-changer for your health and hydration routine."

Hydrogen-rich works as a selective antioxidant. Our products offer an affordable and convenient way to reduce harmful inflammation, boost energy levels, and help improve cognitive function.

Reduce negative Effects From Stress

Stress and anxiety can take a toll on the body and mind, but with IonBottles, you can enjoy the benefit of hydrogen water on-the-go.

Improve Gut Health and Inflammation 

IonBottles are designed to deliver hydrogen-rich water that can help to neutralize harmful free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body.


How it works.

With just the push of a button, watch as water is transformed through a patented electrolysis process, separating into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. This innovative method produces water rich in hydrogen gas, boasting superior antioxidant benefits and unmatched bioavailability, while oxygen and other by-products are efficiently expelled.

How is hydrogen an antioxidant? From

Hydrogen For Health

Introducing the Atom™
A Compact, Professional-Grade Hydrogen Water Bottle for Pure Molecular Hydrogen Generation.

With an IonBottles, you can enjoy the benefits of molecular hydrogen in a convenient and portable format.

Our bottles are easy to use - simply fill with water, wait a few minutes for the hydrogen to infuse, and enjoy! Whether you're looking to reduce stress and anxiety, improve cognitive function, or promote overall health and wellness, IonBottles has got you covered.


Discover the New IonBottles Atom™: Elevate Your Hydration Experience

Enjoy Effortless Hydration: The 10 oz IonBottle with 5000+ PPB for Pure Hydrogen Water

Experience the Power of the IonBottles Atom™: With each sip, enjoy 5000+ PPB of molecular hydrogen gas. Benefit from reduced inflammation, less oxidative stress, and lower anxiety levels, alongside improved athletic performance, enhanced cognitive function, and faster wound healing.

There are many benefits to drinking hydrogen water!

When you choose a genuine ionBottles, you're investing in enhanced health and wellness. Here's why:

Reduce inflammation

Reduce stress effects

Improve cognitive function

Increase energy

Scavenging of free radicals

No chlorine cl2

No oxides

No unwanted chemicals

IonBottles Atom Hydrogen Water Bottle

No Replacement Parts Needed. Effortless to Clean.

Simple to use

Simply fill with water, press the power button, and wait a few minutes for the hydrogen to release, then enjoy!

Easy Cleaning

Strong Toxic Free

Our Atom bottle uses food-grade Tritan copolyester material which is free of any chemicals like BPA and phthalates.

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IonBottles - Hydrogen Water 

Revitalize Your Body with Hydrogen Water.

According to recent estimates, it is believed that over 300 billion plastic bottles are discarded each year globally. This is a staggering number and has led to a significant environmental impact, including the pollution of our oceans and harm to wildlife.

It's time for a change.

70 million plastic bottles

are thrown away every day from just in the US alone.

Americans spend more than $1.5B

on poor quality bottled water each year.

Only 30% of plastic bottles

are recycled, meaning that the majority end up in landfills or as litter.

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I was introduced to ionBottles from a coworker. She brought her bottle in and the whole clinic was asking about it. I ordered one and have been using it everyday since, it's been a positive change for me.

Melissa S. enjoys her new ionbottles original hydrogen water bottle

- Melissa S. 

I was referred by a friend to ionbottles I couldn't have made a better investment for my health this past year. I refill it and use it nearly every single day. I can definitely notice on days when I don't drink from it.

Regina M. loves her ionbottles original

- Regina M.

I'm finding myself drinking more water than I have ever in my life. Since March I started drinking from my bottle 5x a day easily. I have also recommended it to my friends and my next door neighbor.

Alex M. loves his IonBottle Original

- Alex M.

I love the taking my ionbottle to the gym. Hydrogen-infused water is my secret supercharger, giving me an extra boost of energy and focus when I need it most. Might just have stumbled onto something here!

-  Sarah F.

I recently purchased an ionBottles from their website and I have to say, I'm really impressed with the quality and effectiveness of these bottles. The ionization process is easy and I appreciate the science behind it.

- John M.

These guys found a way to safely release the hydrogen and vent the oxygen in H2O. The studies I've read show more hydrogen intake means more antioxidants. I find myself drinking more water than before.

Philip loves his new ionBottles hydrogen water generator

- Philip R.

I've noticed a significant improvement in the taste of my water since I started using it. The water just tastes cleaner and fresher, and it's really made a difference in how much water I drink throughout the day.

- Lori L.

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