Hydrogen, Ionized, and Alkaline Water: What’s the Difference?


Water is extremely important for living a healthy life. Staying hydrated is one of the most effective ways to be healthy. However, recently, you’ve likely heard about new trends in water including things like hydrogen water, ionized water, and alkaline water. What do these terms mean? Are they similar and, if so, what are the differences? Let’s take a look at these three terms in order to provide an explanation of what each means and how it relates to you.


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Hydrogen Water

It’s best to start the discussion with hydrogen water. This is a term that refers to water with an infusion of hydrogen gas. This is often done in order to enhance the health benefits of water. Hydrogenated water is sold by some manufacturers with excess hydrogen gas already added into it. However, this can be a bit expensive, and a preferred method is often for individuals to add hydrogen to their water at home.


Hydrogen can be added to water through a variety of ways; however, one of the most convenient and preferred is use of hydrogenating water bottles. These bottles are made with special technology such as SPE PEM, which is an electrolytic film that emits positive ions into the water through the electrolysis process. This enhances the amount of molecular hydrogen in your drinking water.


There are a number of important benefits for hydrogen water. Hydrogen water is known to increase the anti-inflammatory response in your body which can improve your immune system and assist with pain and other problems caused by inflammation. Additionally, hydrogen water has strong antioxidant properties. This helps remove free radicals from your body which can damage the molecular structure of cells.


Ionized Water


Ionized water is a very generic term that simply refers to water with different ions in it. As you may recall from chemistry classes, an ion is an atom with an electrical charge that is not neutral. Ions can be positively charged by having more protons than electrons or negatively charged by having more electrons than protons. Ions are formed when atoms gain or lose an electron in a reaction.

Some people may assume that ionized water is the same term as hydrogen water. It can be as hydrogen water has lots of hydrogen ions; however, ionized water can mean water has any sort of ions, not necessarily hydrogen. For example, water is seldom pure. This is why people use things like water purifiers. Even water in streams collects some ions from running over rocks and having reactions with things like calcium and bicarbonate.

However, when most people think about ionized water, they are thinking about water with a high amount of hydrogen ions which is essentially the same as hydrogen water. In other words, all hydrogen water is ionized water but not all ionized water is hydrogen water. The health effects of ionized water depend on whether it has hydrogen ions in it. Thus, ensuring that your ionized water is the correct type, such as the type made with Ion Bottles, is important.


Alkaline Water

Alkaline water deals with the pH of water. Again, as a refresher from chemistry class, substances can be classified as acidic or alkaline on a pH scale ranging from 0 (highly acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline). Pure water is naturally a 7 at the midpoint of the scale, neither acidic nor alkaline. Meanwhile, the human body’s blood has a natural pH range between 7.35 and 7.45, indicating that it is naturally alkaline.



Alkaline water is simply water that has ions added to it in order to make it slightly alkaline with a pH above 7, typically in the range of 8-9. Alkaline water has ions meaning that it is ionized water but does not necessarily have hydrogen ions. Thus, water can be both hydrogen water and alkaline water but are not necessarily always both. Since alkaline water has a higher pH than natural water, it is able to help neutralize some of the acid in your body. Alkaline water has a negative oxidation reduction potential. This means that alkaline water has antioxidant properties which can help reduce free radicals.


Alkaline water has a number of benefits that have been confirmed by research. It can decrease acid reflux, lower cholesterol, and reduce blood pressure. It can also be useful for reducing symptoms from diabetes and improve the efficiency of blood flow through the cardiovascular system.


Our final thoughts on this subject!

If you would like to take advantage of the benefits of these types of water, IonBottles is one way where you can guarantee that the water you drink will provide you theses health benefits. Our patented technology infuses regular drinking water with up to 1.6 PPM of hydrogen molecules, meaning that our bottles produce water that provides extensive antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Try one out today, and you’ll never go back to regular water again!

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