What is Hydrogen Water? How does it benefit our health?

What is hydrogen-rich water really?

Hydrogen water when produced in a hydrogen generating water bottle is H2O separated into molecular hydrogen and oxygen. Then disposing of leftover waste gases like ozone, chlorine and oxides. The molecular hydrogen is a tasteless and odorless gas that makes up 95% or so the entire universe!

But we're not talking about the science behind this "miracle water" right now; Have you ever heard of some patient beating the odds and pushing their cancer into remission, or better yet defying medicine and having their cancer not show up in scans anymore?


Well according-to a study done from 2007 by a group of Japanese scientists, they found that when inhaled or consuming hydrogen-rich water, that it could be effective at preventing many forms of oral cancers. And keeping your brain safe from free radicals too which means better cognitive function all around. Reducing the risk of oxidative stress put on the body is imperative to maximizing the chance of preventing future diseases.


This is because regular H2O water molecules contain two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, but while bonded together it does not contain the necessary  free radicals that could be used by our body to scavenge and bind to the bad cancer creating toxins found in cancer patients as we age. Along these lines drinking water with the free floating hydrogen that we can absorb easier generates benefits plain H2O cannot supply.


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Hydrogen is the smallest existent gas particle known to man. As a result, molecular hydrogen could enter every organ and cell in your body (and brain) where it has antioxidant activity that protects against diseases such as cancer or heart disease by limiting inflammation--a major cause for many chronic illnesses! Additionally this wonderful substance seems capable of revealing good health benefits world wide were looking for without any side effects whatsoever; making us all feel healthier than ever before.


Hydrogen gas is not unfamiliar to the body like a pharmaceutical medication. Your cells produce limited amounts of hydrogen that diffuse into your circulatory system, and hundreds of clinical studies have shown that with higher concentrations it can be made more effective at reducing the risks of forming such diseases.


Drinking hydrogen-rich water was used in this researchers study- this method provides its amazing advantages by simply adding one ingredient: H2+ (water). The science behind these benefits has been studied extensively.

While researchers continue moving forward towards useful applications using only hydrogenous solutions such as ionizers/generators which are available clinically either through medical professionals OR consumer products like ionbottles.com offers so everyone may reap their therapeutic potentials

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